Fashion vs. Clothing
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Fashion vs. Clothing


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Fashion vs. Clothing

Originally posted October 22, 2017

First sight makes a lasting impression. Nonverbal communication makes up 93% of everyday communication, according to Albert Mehrabian. How people size up one another when first meeting, what one chooses as their outfit for the day tells the world who they are. According to the Changing Minds organization, "A simple rule is 'Dress to impress', which means what you should wear can vary greatly with your audience." 

Just think about it like walking around looking at yourself in the mirror all day. The mirror image is what the world sees of you and unfortunately human nature does judge a book by its cover. If this is the way of the world why not step out into it with your best [foot] outfit to show they world who you are? Take pride in your uniqueness and let you're clothing be your calling card to the world of how you want people to see you. 

The tee shirts people wear and what is printed on them tell a story about just like a billboard does. In a Complex Magazine article, Jon Moy breaks down tee shirts into 26 different categories. Moy describes category, “#20 athletictecht -  Personally, I don’t know you if you wear super technical T-shirts like this. Under Armour? What the fuck?” As well as category,  “#21 colleget You are a character in a romantic comedy who has reluctantly returned to their home town after years of living in New York City,” which I can truly relate to at this point in my life. 

Preserve History on a students tee shirt this morning tells me that he is interested in history from not even speaking to him. The fraternity someone's in the band that they like, where they've traveled and what their favorite sports team is. All of these tee shirt billboards tell a story about a person without even knowing them, so make sure you choose the correct one. 

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If this is the way of the world why not step out into it with your best [foot] outfit to show they world who you are? Take pride in your uniqueness and let you're clothing be your calling card to the world of how you want people to see you.
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